Park County Gardiner School Sidewalk Project

Development of the project began in 2006 out of the need to make Stone Street, the primary route students’ use to walk to and from school, a safer, more walker-friendly area. Park County officials collaborated with staff from Gardiner Public School and Yellowstone National Park to create a conceptual sidewalk design and preliminary project budget.

Nittany Grantworks used the design and budget to identify and secure funding from Montana Community Foundation, Montana Safe Routes to School Program, and Montana Community Transportation Enhancement Program. Since securing the funding package in 2007, Nittany Grantworks has provided leadership for the following administration activities: coordinated all sources of funding, prepared the request for qualifications (RFQ) for engineering services, developed and posted legal notices advertising the RFQ in The Livingston Enterprise, developed scoring sheets for use by selection committee members, facilitated the engagement of services with Great West Engineering, organized two public meetings in accordance with Title VI guidelines to solicit citizen comment regarding preliminary and final sidewalk design activities, coordinated project change orders with funding sources, and maintained all project files.

When construction begins, Nittany Grantworks will continue to coordinate all sources of funding, manage project change orders, and maintain all project files while taking on additional tasks such as reviewing all proposed project expenditures and their proper allocation to the project budget, assuring Davis-Bacon labor standards, and processing drawdown requests and closeout documents.

Project Funding Package

MT Community Transportation Enhancement Program Allocation $132,901
MT Safe Routes to School Program Grant $50,000
MT Community Foundation Grant $2,000
Park County $18,599

Total Project Cost $203,500

Community Profile

Location: Gardiner, Montana
Population: 851 or 435 households
Median Household Income: $30,125
Low and Moderate Income Percent: 35

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