Crow Tribe Phase 3 Wastewater Collection System Improvement Project

The project entails the replacement of wastewater lines, water lines, manholes, and fire hydrants in the center of town. Construction of the project is slated to begin in spring 2011 and be complete in winter 2011.

Nittany Grantworks provided leadership to the completion and submission of funding applications to the following agencies: USDA Rural Development, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Housing and Urban Development, Montana Treasure State Endowment Program, Montana Renewable Resources Grant and Loan Program, and Montana Coal Board. Nittany Grantworks will help administer the funds by preparing a project management plan, coordinating all sources of funding, and meeting all project start-up conditions.

Project Funding Package

US State and Tribal Assistance Grants $582,000
USDA Rural Development Loan $885,000
USDA Rural Development Grant $3,082,500
US Water Resources and Development Act Grant $178,000
US HUD FY 09 Indian Community Development Block Grant $1,100,000
MT Treasure State Endowment Program Grant $750,000
MT Renewable Resource Program Grant $100,000
MT Coal Impact Board Grant $199,500

Total Project Cost $6,877,000

Community Profile

Location: Crow Agency, Montana
Population: 1,552 or 336 households
Median Household Income: $22,438
Low and Moderate Income Percent: 62.4

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