City of Livingston Composting Facility and Digester Rehabilitation Project

The City of Livingston wanted to combine its yard waste-only composting system with sludge from its wastewater treatment plant and food scraps from local restaurants and schools to create compost. The project entailed the purchase of four in-vessel composting reactors. Air flow and temperature can be controlled in the reactors which allow maintenance of optimum aerobic decomposition conditions. The project also included the purchase of a new lid for the wastewater digester. The composting facility is located at the City of Livingston Transfer Station and Recycling Center.

By developing a communitywide composting system, the City of Livingston is working to achieve solid waste management goals in the Montana Integrated Waste Management Act (75-10-801 MCA) and the Montana Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. The overall goal of the Act and Plan is to reduce, by 25 percent, the volume of solid waste that is either disposed of in landfills or incinerated. The Plan specifically states that re-use is preferred over recycling, landfilling, and incineration as a solid waste management method. The plan details the following re-use goal for Montana: every community will have an active re-use program.

Project Funding Package

MT Renewable Resource Program Grant $100,000
MT Treasure State Endowment Program Grant $500,000
MT DNRC Water Pollution Control State Revolving Loan Program Grant $390,700
MT DNRC Water Pollution Control State Revolving Loan Program $359,300
MT State Revolving Loan Fund $313,000

Total Project Cost $1,663,000

Community Profile

Location: Livingston, Montana
Population: 6,851 or 3,084 households
Median Household Income: $28,980
Low and Moderate Income Percent: 41.1

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